School Visits

Posted by wrolfson at 9:51 AM on Feb 9, 2017


Sheridan, OR [February 9th 2017]: Sue Buell Elementary School and Discovery Zone each invited Firefighters from the Sheridan Fire District to come and talk with them last Thursday as part of a focus on careers and the community. The idea was to learn about what firefighters do, how do they help the community and what do you need to do to become a firefighter.

The Kindergarten classes at Sue Buell were the first stop for the crew. We talked to them about what a typical day is like for a firefighter, how some firefighters are working at the fire station while others respond from home or work. We also talked about how firefighters need to graduate from high school and that they don’t stop learning how to be firefighters. Then we showed them our structure fire gear and let them ask questions about being a firefighter. It was very fun getting to talk with the kindergarteners and see how excited they were to hear about our career.

Our next stop was up at Discovery Zone where we talked with preschool students. We showed them our gear and helped them to see that firefighters are not scary people. We also talked about fire safety, what to do when the fire alarm or smoke detector goes off and practiced our “STOP DROP and ROLL.” The children were very well behaved and we were glad to help them and teach them about fire safety.

The Fire District really enjoys doing these kinds of activities out in our community. We think it is very important to teach our youth about fire safety and about what firefighters actually do. We would like to thank Discovery Zone and Sue Buell Elementary for inviting us to come put on our presentations.