Sheridan Fire Seeks to Lower their ISO rating

Posted by wrolfson at 2:48 AM on Feb 3, 2017


Sheridan, OR February 2, 2017: The Sheridan Fire District is working to lower their rating from the Insurance Services Office (ISO). Over the last three month the fire district has been researching how the rating works, what other neighboring districts have recently been rated and talking with ISO to determine if the fire district might be able improve their rating.

ISO ratings are used by some insurance companies to determine the rates for insuring homes and other structures. While not all insurance companies use the ratings provided by the ISO, or acknowledge the most current rating system, it is still a common method for insurance companies to determine the protection factors for a given address and its structures. The current rating scale goes from a 1 to a 10 with 10 being the worst and most costly for insurance premiums. During the last evaluation by ISO the city of Sheridan was rated as a 4 with the surrounding area served by the Sheridan Fire District rated as an 8b.

The Sheridan Fire District met with a representative from ISO on February 2nd to begin the process of being evaluated. During the meeting the representative informed the district that there had been a change to how they rate fire districts and currently the fire District is rated as a 4 in the city and 4Y in the surrounding area served by the Sheridan Fire District.

The goal of the Fire District is to work on lowering our ratings in both the city and the surrounding area to a 3 and 4b. To do this we will be primarily finding ways to improve our water supply operations and training program. The acquisition of the ladder truck back in 2013 should help with our goal along with the addition of new rural water supplies. We will be spending some of our Wednesday night drills out in the community practicing our drafting skills and deploying our portable water tanks.

The Fire District is very interested in helping our community in as many ways as it can. We will continue to work hard to provide the best service we can and encourage the community to give us feed back. As we continue through the process of getting evaluated by ISO we will keep the public informed.