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About The District

Sheridan Fire Department began in 1886 as part of the city of Sheridan. It served a population of approximately 200 people and about forty square miles to include the city of Sheridan and the farming community around it. As the city has grown and the surround area has become more populated the Fire Department transitioned away from a city department to a special district, not limited by the city boundaries and becoming a separate entity from the city all together.

Today we serve and protect a population of over 10,000 people, not including the thousands of people a day who travel through our district. Sheridan Fire District now covers 103 square miles made up of forest land, farm land and the communities of Sheridan, Buell and Ballston. 


In 2016 Sheridan Fire District responded to 1486 incidents, 80% EMS 4% Fire and 16% public assistance. 

A majority of our EMS calls are for chest pain and traumatic injuries. Our most common traumatic injury is a fall from ground level. On the fire side we are seeing fewer structure fires resulting in total loss and more fires that are recognized quickly and damage is limited to small areas of the structures.

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Sheridan Fire 5 Year Statistics


Very special thanks to everyone who helped my mom this afternoon ❤ forever grateful! She's doing well, getting her wrist splinted at WVMC
Bec Hasel, Community Member

"Even though our address is in McMinnville we are in the Sheridan Fire District. We are very thankful, they are so delightful and competent to work with! They have a special way of taking your mind off what's happening to you that makes you feel safe being in their care. We were so happy to learn about their Fire Med. We have used them several times and it has really paid off. You never know what life will bring. We going to the Fire Station they've been so polite, caring and helpful. If they felt we needed to go to the Emergency Room the were willing and ready and on the way. The same from home, they were here as fast as the could along with their volunteers from Ballston. We feel at rest knowing they're there for us when needed. They're a wonderful group of folks and volunteers to give back to the community like they do. I can't imagine being a volunteer, being called on a minutes notice day or night, how could you life under that circumstance. Even at the FIre Hall when on duty being called all hours of day or night, even if it is a job it's hard on ones body We need to give our support to the Sheridan Fire District personnel and volunteers when we can. What would we do without them? Our Blessings go out to everyone involved with the Sheridan Fire District and the special volunteers that give their time and get little in return." -C & S DeJong, Home Owners