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What is FireMed?

FireMed is a membership program created to address the cost of riding in an ambulance. FireMed is an annual subscription that covers the remaining portion of an ambulance transport bill left after being billed to a subscribers insurance.

How do I know when to burn and what is allowed?

Knowing when you are allowed to burn can be as simple as making a phone call. If you live inside the boundaries of Yamhill County and/or reside in Amity, Dayton, Sheridan or West Valley Fire District you can call 503 472-3344 and listen to a pre-recorded message to hear what the current status is for the day. You can also find out about the fire danger levels for our area by going to SIUSLAW US FOREST PAGE.

We group fires into three categories: backyard, agricultural and recreational. Backyard burning is defined as burning of yard debris and clippings only. Backyard burning does not include any garbage automotive or household items. Agricultural burning is defined as burning the remainders of crops and the crops themselves. Agricultural burning does not include the burning of supplies used in the process (fertilizers, pesticides, scaffolding materials, fencing, pieces of farm equipment...) and also does not include livestock or other animals. Recreational burning is defined as a fire used for the purpose of cooking food or warming of you and your guests.Recreational fires must be within a three foot square and be no taller than three feet, must be held in a device intended for recreational burning or an established fire pit (bare ground or elevated solid metal platform with walls made of metal or stone), must be attended at all times by an adult with the means to put out the fire completely. As a recommendation the Sheridan Fire District encourages its patrons to have a water source and shovel nearby and nothing flammable within six feet of the fire in all directions.

You are allowed to burn natural occurring wood and plant material. A simple way of telling if you can burn something is to ask if it was made by man or if it occurs in nature. A lot of people wonder if they can burn wood boards or paper as the main fuel in the fire; they are not permitted fuels for a fire. You are permitted to utilize paper as a form of fire starter but that is the extent of its use. . You should avoid burning any wood that has been treated, painted, stained, coated, injected with anything; there can be severe health risks for any one that breathes in the smoke/fumes. 

Why does the air siren go off so often during the day?

The siren is intended for two purposes in our community. The first is to notify our volunteers of the need to respond to the Sheridan Station. The second reason is to let the community know there is an emergency and to encourage people to pay more attention as our volunteers head toward the station and our emergency vehicles head out to deal with the emergency.

The siren is set to go off for all calls between 8 AM and 8 PM everyday. The reason it goes off multiple times in a row is because we need more volunteers to come down whether that is for more than one incident going on or we need more resources than have responded up to that point. Day time can be one of the hardest times since a majority of our volunteers are working.