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FireMed Information

Sheridan FireMed is a membership program that protects you from the high cost of the ambulance service. When you or a family member face a life-threatening emergency, have peace of mind knowing that we are here for you. For $75 per year, you and your family are covered if you need a serious medically necessary transport by ambulance. You allow us to bill your insurance provider(s) if you have one, and you never have any additional out-of-pocket expenses for transport.

Why Sheridan FireMed?

Last year more than 1400 individuals in our service area required ambulance services. The average ambulance transport costs over $1,800. Insurance companies seldom pay for ambulance costs in full, and Medicare covers approximately 33% of allowable ambulance fees. Sheridan Fire Med bills any insurance provider(s) you may have and accepts their payments as payment in full with no balance left for our subscribers to pay.

Do I have to have Insurance to Join?

No. Membership is open to anyone in Sheridan's ASA, whether or not you have insurance.

How do I Join?

If you are a current resident in our service area you can sign up for our membership. To apply, please fill out the form linked below. For additional help please call 800-238-9398.

Who is eligible to join?

Anyone who resides inside the Ambulance Service area of the Sheridan Fire District.

Services Provided

  • Emergent Medically necessary ambulance services.
  • Free blood pressure checks

Not Covered
Coverage DOES NOT Include Non-emergency transfers to or from doctor's offices or clinics. Any transfers that do not require Emergency Medical Technicians to provide medical care for the patient or when the patient can be transported by a non-medical transport agency, i.e. wheelchair van, taxi, or private vehicle. The nearest appropriate hospital is bypassed due to physician or patient preference; i.e. a Salem hospital is bypassed for a Portland hospital when the Salem hospital can provide for the patient's medical needs. Any services that do not require the Emergency Medical Technician to provide medical care for the patient or when a request for a specific task has been made; i.e. placing the patient in a private vehicle. 

What is open enrollment?

During open enrollment (Sept 1st-Oct 31st) member benefits may be purchased for the next membership period (Nov 1st thru Oct 31st). Applications received between Nov 1st and Sept 1st are subject to a 2 day waiting period for their membership to begin. This applies to current members who are renewing their membership as well. All memberships expire on Oct 31st each year.

Sheridan FireMed coverage area includes:

Communities of Ballston, Buell, the City of Sheridan, and the surrounding areas. Sheridan serves 103 square miles between Polk and Yamhill County. We also honor other FireMed membership programs from across the state of Oregon. Our membership program is also honored by other FireMed Programs across the state.

Who is covered by my membership fee?

You, your spouse, and all unmarried children who are under 21 years old, who reside in your residence. Individuals who are not "dependent" for tax purposes are not covered by the FireMed Membership and should purchase their own membership.

If I need an ambulance, what should I do?

Call 911 if it's an emergency... Do not call the fire department, Ensure you inform the crew about any FireMed Memberships you have from other agencies.

FireMed is an investment

Your $75 investment stays right here in our community. Professional Paramedic training and advanced medical technology are essential but expensive. Your membership helps us save lives. At an ambulance transport averaging around $1,800 per, you could pay for FireMed for nearly 24 years and still have saved yourself money.

Consider Lifeflight or other air ambulance memberships

Air ambulance helicopters are staffed around the clock from bases all across Oregon and Washington. A critical care nurse and paramedic staff each unit and are available to respond at a moment's notice. Most air ambulance agencies also have airplanes for long-distance transport as well. One of the many reasons air ambulances are used is due to an urgent need for specialized treatments and specially trained physicians. About half of all air transports are from scenes and the other half come from hospital to hospital. The costs of these transports can be well over $10,000. A membership with these agencies can help save you such a heavy financial burden and provide peace of mind about getting the care you need as quickly as possible.

Lifeflight membership