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Resident Volunteer Program

Sheridan Fire is one of many fire agencies in Oregon to provide a program for college students interested in EMS. Our program is designed to give students assistance with paying for school, housing and experience working in EMS while they attend classes. The Fire District's program is designed for six students, each student is assigned to a 48 hr shift, working very closely with the Career staff to learn the tools of the trade and get any needed help with their schooling.

Residents are housed in the Sheridan Station (station 9), each student has their own room, shared use of the kitchen and living spaces, access to basic staples and a small stipend to reimburse for gas and school fees in addition to paying for schooling.

The alumni of our program have been very successful. Three of our current Paramedics are alumni of our program. We have alumni who work in departments across the country, including Alabama, West Virginia, Colorado and Alaska.