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Residential Structure Fire

Posted by  wrolfson at  3:52 PM on  Jul 17, 2017

On Friday July 14th at 10:16 AM Sheridan Fire District was dispatched on a residential structure fire at 1439 W Main St. Initial information indicated everyone had exited the building and there was light smoke showing from in the home. Upon arrival crews observed smoke coming from the structure but no active fire. One occupant reported that everyone was able to get out, the fire was in the kitchen and had tried putting it out with the garden hose from outside the structure. Firefighters from Sheridan and West Valley Fire Districts worked quickly to locate the source of the smoke and fire and quickly got the situation under control. There was significant damage to a portion of the kitchen and the attic directly over it. The remainder of the home did receive some smoke damage as a result of the fire but that was the extent of the fire damage. The cause was determined to be a cooking oil fire on the stove.

The Sheridan Fire District would like to thank the crews from West Valley Fire District and the Sheridan Fire District for their rapid response and hard work. Sheridan Fire District would also like to thank Amity Fire and McMinnville Fire for moving up their crews and apparatus to help cover Sheridan and West Valley’s Districts while we dealt with this incident. We really appreciate the cooperative nature of our surrounding districts and departments.

We would like to talk about three important things about this incident. The First is the importance of knowing your escape plan. All the residents of this home met out by their car and made sure to stay together and we would like to applaud them for having a plan. While they did attempt to put the fire out they also didn’t delay calling 911 to get help coming. Cooking with oil is a great way to cook but it comes with additional risk of fire. We recommend having an extinguisher ready and to be careful about splashing or spilling any of the hot oil to prevent it from igniting and following the instructions from the manufacturer of the oil and any devices used in the process. Instead of dropping things into the oil it is better to slowly lower them in and pay close attention to prevent your food from burning and possibly igniting as well. Never attempt to carry or move the oil if it should catch on fire or while it is still hot. Oil fires are best handled by smothering it with a lid or using an extinguisher on it.