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Volunteer Staff 

Our volunteer staff is made up of a very diverse group of people. Our volunteers live and respond from the Sheridan, Buell and Ballston areas. Our volunteers are a vital part of our response to emergencies, especially traffic accident and fires.

For many years our volunteers lived and worked in the community and could leave work, run down to the fire station and respond to emergencies. They were notified of emergencies by a large bell (the same one in front of station 9). Today we notify our volunteers of emergency calls by pagers and through a phone application.

Being a volunteer is a very rewarding experience. Giving back to the community through emergency response, community events and charity work is a big part of being a volunteer. Our volunteers also become like family to each other, that is why they call it a brotherhood. We hold annual picnics and banquets and have a lot of fun outside of our training and emergency response.