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Career Staff

We currently are fully staffed. We have 1 Firefighter/Paramedic and 1 Firefighter/EMT on an ALS Ambulance each shift. They work a 48/96 rotation, 48 hrs on shift with 96 hours off shift. With the approval of our communities voters, we recently passed a levy to support the addition of an additional ambulance staffed with two additional personnel (July 2022). 

We are in need of volunteers! If you are interested please fill out an application, you can find it on our website.

Our Career staff works very closely with our volunteers to staff the fire apparatus. A typical day on shift consists of station upkeep, EMS/Fire training, physical fitness, special project time, and running emergency calls.

Our Administrative staff includes an Office Admin person, Deputy Chief, and Fire Chief. They work hard to meet the needs of the public and the district members. Their schedules are typically Monday through Friday 8-5.