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Facility Use Application


The purpose of this administrative procedure is to establish the public facility use procedures for all public access facilities within Sheridan Fire District. This procedure applies to all public facilities available for public use as outlined herein. The Application for Public Facility Use, Attachment A, herein named, of this Procedure, must be completed and signed by the Applicant prior to the use of any Fire District facility, and again annually, thereby releasing the Fire District from any liability.


The Fire District shall mean Sheridan Fire District, its successors and assigns. Facility Manager or Administrator shall mean the Fire Chief, or other Fire District personnel or designee. The Applicant shall mean any person or organization that reserves or obtains a Fire District facility for organizational purposes.Application or Procedure shall mean this document in whole or in part.Guests are those persons invited to Fire District facilities by the Applicant.

A. Applicant

1. Public facilities are available to non-profit and government organizations only.

2. Public facilities are not available to any businesses for profit, gain or other personal or business use, or for any use whereas profit may be attained including but not limited to bazaars, fundraisers, or any other for-profit sales organizations.

3. Public facilities are permitted to religious organizations only during emergency periods, such as major crisis, or time of need basis or by the approval of the Fire Chief or designees.

4. The applicant is responsible for ensuring compliance according to the procedures, and agreements set forth in this Procedure, including any attachments herein.

B. Application

1. A Fire District Public Facility Room Use Application (Attachment A) as contained herein shall be completed and signed by applicant and submitted to the Administrator or designee prior to using any Fire District facility and again annually.

2. The Fire District administrator or designee will review and approve or deny the Application and notify applicant of such decision.

3. The Fire District Manager or designee may deny an Application based on, but not limited to, the following grounds:

a) Interference to the workplace

b) Approval would cause a conflict with a prior scheduled event

c) In the opinion of the Fire Chief or designee, the event does not promote or is incompatible with the interests of the Fire District

d) The applicant has had past violations of this Procedure or has previously been in breach of this Procedure

e) Application does not meet the standards according to this procedure

4. The applicant must be at least 18 years old.

5. At time of application, Applicant must submit a copy of both the front and back of their driver's license.

6. The public meeting room calendar is under the direct supervision of a Fire District administrator or designee. All public meeting room reservations shall include the date of reservation, time of use, Applicant contact information, including the cell phone of applicant (in case of immediate cancellation) and any other applicable information, and shall be recorded with the Administrative Assistant.

C. Facilities

1. Public facility meeting rooms available for use include:

Sheridan Station 190 Board Room
Sheridan Station 190 Upstairs Presentation Room

Other Fire District facilities are not available for public use unless agreed to and authorized by the Fire Chief or Facility Manager.

2. Most facilities can accommodate seating for up to 23 individuals and as many as 60 individuals. For a complete list, contact the administrator.

3. Internet access is not available at any Fire District facilities.

4. All facility use will be subject to a fee. This fee will be based on cost recovery only, and will be determined on a case-by-case basis. 

D. Priority of Use

1. Application approval for Fire District facility use is based on the following priorities:

Priority 1: Fire District programs and activities

Priority 2: Fire District-affiliated organizations

Priority 3: Other government uses

Priority 4: Fire District community service organizations, such as homeowner associations, civic groups, nonprofit organizations, and metropolitan districts and other special districts

Priority 5: Non-profit organizations located outside of the Fire District but within the Fire District”s growth area

E. Security

1. Facilities for public use may require an access code for entry. If an access code is required, whether it be on a recurring basis or one time use, the Applicant agrees to not give the access code to any other individual unless previously approved by the Fire District.

2. Applicant agrees to not transfer in writing the access code to any Fire District facility.

3. Access codes to Fire District facilities are provided to Fire District approved Applicants only.

4. Access codes can be changed at the discretion of the Fire District without prior notice to the Applicant. It is the Applicant’s responsibility to check on access codes to public facilities prior to each scheduled meeting to avoid a lock out.

5. In the event of a lock out as stated above, on duty Fire District personnel may, upon contact by Applicant, and upon verification by Fire District personnel of a prior reservation and the identification of such Applicant, provide access to such meeting room at their discretion.

6. Fire District personnel may, at their discretion, deny access to any Fire District facility if it presents a security risk to persons or property. A prior reservation does not guarantee access.

7. It is a security risk to “prop” open doors at any time during the event and Applicant’s right to reserve may be relinquished by doing so.

8. Applicants must be available to allow entry by Guests upon arrival.

9. Applicants must close building securely upon exiting the building.

F. Reservations & Cancellations

1. Applicants must notify the Fire District if scheduled meeting is cancelled as soon as it is known to Applicant.

2. Reservations for any facility cannot be made more than one (1) year in advance.

3. Reservations for any facility cannot be made less than 5 business days in advance.

4. The Fire District reserves the right to cancel a reservation should the Fire District feel such action is necessary for any reason. No minimum advance notice of this cancellation is required.

5. In the event a Fire District facility previously reserved becomes unavailable due to an unforeseen event or reason, the Fire District shall notify the applicant of such event or reason, and may attempt to provide a substitute location for the applicant; however, in no event shall the Fire District be liable for any damages incurred by the applicant in the event of a cancellation.

6. Cost recovery fees will be due at the time of reservation in order to confirm the reservation. In the event that the Fire District has to cancel or provide a substitute location, the cost recovery fee will be returned or adjusted accordingly.

G. Procedures and Limitations

1. Fire District meeting facilities are not available for use between the hours of 10:00 p.m. and 7:00 a.m.

2. The function scheduled shall not interfere with the normal operations of the Fire District.

3. The Applicant must be present during all hours of approved use.

4. Emergency fire lanes shall remain unobstructed at all times. Parking, loading, and unloading are only permitted in designated areas.

5. No decorations, pictures, placards, signs or similar items of any kind may be attached to any wall, door, ceiling, window, or outside property on Fire District property. Easels, tripods or free-standing displays are permitted.

6. Smoking is prohibited in all Fire District facilities.

7. No alcohol is allowed at any Fire District facilities.

8. No illegal or unlawfully obtained drugs or controlled substances are allowed at any Fire District facilities.

9. No Weapons of any kind, regardless of possession of a lawful permit, are allowed at any Fire District facilities; excluding Law Enforcement Officers who have possession of a firearm for official purposes.

10. Children must be supervised at all times.

11. No animals are allowed in any Fire District facilities except for service dogs.

12. Facility meeting rooms must be left in the same manner as it was received. It is the responsibility of the Applicant to clear the area of all trash and remove all supplies brought in by the Applicant at the end of the approved period.

13. Foods and/or snacks are allowed. See #12 above.

14. All coffee, coffee supplies, dry erase markers, computer, etc. are the responsibility of the Applicant and are not available for use.

15. The Fire District will not store or be held responsible for items left.

16. The Fire District is not responsible for lost or stolen articles during the time of use by an individual, group, or organization.

17. Designated area(s) for public use are the public meeting room, lobby, and men and ladies restroom. All other areas are not permitted for public access.

18. Internet service is not available at any Fire District facilities.

19. Music and noise must be kept at reasonable levels. Unusual rowdiness or physical/verbal abuse to a staff member, patron, or Fire District property may result in immediate termination of the event.

H. Liability

1. The Applicant shall sign the Application for Public Facility Use prior to the use of any facility which holds the Fire District, its employees, agents and successors harmless of any and all property and liability claims arising out of the applicant”s use of the Fire District facility.

2. The Fire Chief or designee shall determine on a case-by-case basis whether or not insurance coverage will be required. If it is required, the Applicant shall provide general liability insurance in the amount of $150,000 per person and $600,000 per occurrence. The factors used to determine whether or not insurance will be required include, but are not limited to the following:

a) Number of participants using the Fire District facility

b) Nature of the event or activity



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