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The Sheridan Fire District is located in the West Valley along Hwy 18. We serve a population of 8,000 across 145 square miles including the city of Sheridan and the communities of Buell, and Ballston. Our department has about twenty-eight members, nine career staff, 5 part-time employees, and just over fifteen volunteer firefighters. and the honorees which are made up of about ten retired members of our district.

Sheridan Fire Department began in 1886 as part of the city of Sheridan. It served a population of approximately 200 people and about forty square miles including the city of Sheridan and the farming community around it. As the city has grown and the surrounding area has become more populated the Fire Department transitioned away from a city department to a special district in 1947, not limited by the city boundaries and becoming a separate entity from the city altogether.

Today we serve and protect a population of over 10,000 people, not including the thousands of people a day who travel through our district. Sheridan Fire District now covers 145 square miles made up of forest land, farmland, and the communities of Sheridan, Buell, and Ballston.