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Mission-Vision -Values and H.E.R. Principle


The Mission of the Sheridan Fire District is to provide a safe, professional, and courteous team that strives to exceed the community’s expectations. This mission requires our members to be part of a capable, respectful, all-hazard Fire/E.M.S. district that focuses on “Just doing the right thing” for those we serve.  


We will provide a high level of customer service by protecting life, property, and the environment by delivering innovative, fiscally responsible firefighting, rescue, fire prevention, emergency medical, and emergency management services. As a core service of the Sheridan Fire District, we are committed to protecting citizens, families, and our colleagues and preserving our profession in delivering these services.  


We are prepared for duty, serving with integrity, responding with compassion, and committed to professional excellence. “We excel so others may benefit.”  


Honesty: Committed to creating and maintaining an open and truthful environment that is fair and consistent. 
Excellence: Striving to develop to ensure our contributions make our fire and rescue service the best. 
Respect: Supporting, involving, and listening to others, showing dignity, consideration, and empathy.